(31/1/2012) Agenda

31st January 2011

1. Introduction

– July 6th: club night, location TBC
– July 7th: music stage at Fleece
– July 8th: cinema, workshops, exhibitions and all over activities across Stokes Croft (with The Art House and No 51 confirmed)

2. Sponsorship

– Who might help us?
– What can we offer in return?
– Does anyone have experience of pitching to businesses? Pitfalls etc
– Objections to below:

Hello [insert name here],

I’m part of a group of women organising a Bristol Ladyfest running from July 6th – 8th 2012.

Ladyfest is a cultural festival designed to showcase women who contribute a valid and significant amount of work to the art and entertainment industries. All profits will be going to charity.

To get things going – and to book some of the excellent high profile acts we have in mind – we’re looking for sponsorship for the event from local businesses and organisations that take an interest in equal rights and the Bristol arts scene. With so many inspiring and established female artists coming out of the area, your contribution will really help us to create an entertaining and informative event. In return we’ll promote your business on Ladyfest flyers and posters distributed around the city.

We’d also very much appreciate your input on our plans! Our first volunteer meeting is on January 31st at [insert venue here], where we’ll discuss branding, potential workshops and talks, the direction of the festival and our overall goals.

Bristol’s last Ladyfest in 2006 was very successful and resulted in the Here Shop in Stokes Croft; a community space that continues to influence and contribute to the city’s art scene. We’re hopeful to make a similar impact and with your contribution we believe that’s a strong possibility!

If you’re interested in sponsoring us and would like more information, feel free to get in contact with either myself (tiffany@drunkenwerewolf.com) or Emma Thompson (ethompson@live.co.uk).

3. Fundraisers

– May 7th: sweet stall at Redland May Fair
– Other ideas? Pub quiz, gigs etc
– Venues who want to be involved: No 51, Mr Wolf’s, Hydra Books

4. Promotion

– Flyer and poster design
– Radio
– Magazines
– TV
– Online

5. Submissions

– Anyone at volunteer meeting want to perform as an act/put on a workshop/have material for submission?
– Objections to below?


Music submissions: as a stipulate either 50% of band members or the front person must be the primary songwriter and female

Poetry, film and workshops: group performances must reflect the music submission guideline. Solo pieces must be performed and created by a woman. Production companies and writing groups may submit work, but they must be performed by women and women must have had a significant input in the production of the piece

Gender terminology: classification of the word ‘woman’ is self-licensed. We happily welcome queer and transgender contributions.

6. Volunteer sign up

– Stewards
– Promotion
– Fundraisers
– Roadies/technical
– Floor space – can performers stay at your house?

7. Anything else?

8. Next meeting


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