Organisers: Tiffany Daniels and Emma Thompson

Please contact us on bristolladyfest@gmail.com

From Friday 6th July – Sunday 8th July 2012, Bristol Ladyfest will be taking place, with events promoting the vital and significant creative work of women happening in venues across the city. All profits from the event will be donated to feminist-led charities.

Ladyfest is an internationally-recognised cultural festival whose primary aim is to celebrate the creative work of women and to encourage greater gender equality within the arts and entertainment industries.

The first ever Ladyfest took place in Olympia in 2000, attracting over 2000 attendees and featuring high profile musical acts such as Sleater-Kinney, Cat Power and Gossip as well as films, art and workshops. The impact of this event was colossal and is still felt, with hundreds of successive Ladyfests being organised around the world, from across Europe, to New Zealand, to South Africa. The first British Ladyfest took place in Glasgow in 2001 and multiple events have been organised in the UK each year since. Bristol has hosted Ladyfest twice, in 2003 and 2007.

In organising Bristol Ladyfest 2012, we are looking to build on the successes of the past two Bristol events by bringing our event to a wider range of people of all ages and genders. In order to achieve this, we have booked the Fleece – a well-established, decent sized, all-ages venue – for part of the event.

Why is Ladyfest still relevant?

– As of 2010, only 14% of the members of the Performing Right Society (PRS) for Music were female.
– During the 2010 BBC Proms, only 4.1% of the works performed were composed by women.
– The Mercury Prize has only been awarded to a woman 6 times in the 19 years that it has been running, with PJ Harvey winning twice.
– 71% of performances at Glastonbury in 2010 were by all-male acts, outnumbering female performances 6:1.
– As of 2011, Radio One had 28 men as DJs and only 4 women DJs.
– The contributors to Mojo, the UK’s biggest selling music magazine are overwhelmingly male: of 15 editors, 12 are male; of 55 freelance writers, 46 are male; of 17 photographers, 14 are male.
– In the UK, only 6 per cent of film directors and 12 per cent of screenwriters are female.

These shocking statistics show a blatant disparity between the representation of men and women within creative industries – this is something that Ladyfest aims to redress.

We believe that now, more than ever, women and girls are in need of empowerment. Ladyfest will be an opportunity for women and girls – and, indeed, for men and boys – to come together. It will provide the opportunity for volunteers and attendees to utilise their skills and learn new ones; to meet new people and to work together as a community, whilst celebrating the creativity and organisational ability of women.

The key aims and objective of Bristol Ladyfest 2012 are the following:

– To introduce the public to female performers and demonstrate equality within the arts;
– To provide female performers with a platform on which to perform and to promote their work;
– To create an inclusive space within the community for people of all genders, sexualities, abilities, races and ages;
– To work with the community to create a sense of empowerment by providing a creative outlet for women and the opportunity to work together as a supportive network;
– To include sufficient events within our programme aimed at children (ie. puppet shows, craft and dance workshops) to enable participation of caregivers and families;
– To raise money for feminist-led charities such as One25, Bristol Rape Crisis and Platform 51 by donating any profits made from the event to these.

Outline of Bristol Ladyfest events:

Friday 6th July
Lipstick on Your Collar clubnight at (venue TBC) where female DJs will play tracks from female artists. This will also be a live event, featuring several bands whose line-up is at least 50% female or has a female as primary songwriter.

Saturday 7th July
Live event at The Fleece. Each act performing will conform to our gender stipulation of being at least 50% female in terms of line-up, or having a female primary songwriter. There will also be female DJs playing tracks by female artists between bands and a female sound engineer running the technical proceedings.

Sunday 8th July
Across Stokes Croft venues (The Art House, No 51, Hamilton House, more TBC):
– Poetry/spoken word performances by women
– Art exhibition of work by women artists
– Workshops – feminism discussion group, dance,
– Films concerning feminist issues or by women
– Comedy event featuring women comedians